Paris Baguette’s new outlet at Northpoint City

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Paris Baguette’s new outlet at Northpoint City
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What We Enjoyed:

  • Ambience – It was very cosy and seemed perfect for both solo and group dining

  • Pizza in a Cup – Tasty, Flavours bode well together

  • Macaron Ice Cream – Chocolatey and Creamy

  • Silky Roll Cake- Good Portion and delectable

What We Did Not Enjoy:

  • Double Strawberry Danish – a little sweeter than expected but may be ideal for those with a sweet tooth

From Ice Cream to their classic sandwiches and new merchandise, the new Paris Baguette outlet at Northpoint City has it all.

Unveiled on Nov 3, the newest Paris Baguette edition spans over 1600 square feet, spots warm lighting, their iconic navy blue and gold decorations and spacious seating, making it an ideal spot for your next family tea session.

When we went down to this new outlet, we were immediately invited by their wide selection of bread, sandwiches and cake ranges.

We were first served with a cold glass of The Yuzu Mint Tea ($6.50).

It was a refreshing cup of yuzu tea while the mint flavour was only a hint, yet, sufficient.

Do stir well if you get this drink as the base is really too sweet for drinking till you stir.

We paired the drink with the Double Strawberry Danish ($4.70) first.

The danish was sweet due to the jam that is held in its core. To top it off, it had a generous amount of sugar sprinkled over. But, the buttery and thin layers of the danish cut the sweetness for us a little as well.

We enjoyed it but were glad we had the tea as it helped to cleanse our palate after every bite.

You can try out their other new danishes such as the Kaya Butter or Nutella Banana. If you clinch all three, you can get it at a promotional price of $12.50.

Next, we tried their Silky Roll Cake (which has won the Guinness World Record for being the Best- Selling Roll Cake). It had a thin layer of cream within the roll, and the sponge was so soft, we did not feel surfeited.

It also has drops of raisins in the layers, making it a little different from other roll cakes out there.

You have to try this Silky Roll Cake ($14.90) if you have yet to.

We then tried their Pizza in a Cup. This is the new dish that they have in the Kids Menu but, to be honest, almost anyone will enjoy this.

Priced at $8.90 (or $10.90 as a set), this Pizza in a Cup is basically a deconstructed pizza with lots of melted cheese, sliced chicken sausages, pizza sauce, corn and other diced vegetables.

We enjoyed the layers of cheese and how well it went with the sweet and tangy sauce below. The Pizza Bread that was atop tasted like it was only toasted with light butter yet held so much of flavour and soaked up the flavours of the other ingredients as well.

This got to be our favourite dish from the whole lineup offered at Paris Baguette.

You can choose between this main dish, their Mini Burgers with cute emojis drawn on it or their Double Cheese Tortilla Pizza for the kids’ meal set.

The set comes with Nutella Marshmallow Danish and either plain or chocolate milk, depending on your choice.

For those who love sweet treats, the danishes are not the only one with sweetness to offer. Their limited stock Ice Cream range is also available for you, and their prices start at $5.50.

We tried the Macaron Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich and were pleasantly surprised.

It was chewy, sweet and the ice cream within held little cookie bits yet was milky and creamy.

To complete your experience at Paris Baguette, you may want to bag their special-designed and limited edition tote bags as it is simplistic yet cute.

They come in two sizes and are priced at $20 for the big one and $16 for the smaller one (which can double up as a sling bag for your little ones).

In all, we enjoyed the meals and ambience of the bakery, and we would recommend visiting when you need a time out or just a chill family day.

As part of their unveiling, the bakery chain is running the following special promotions:

  1. Redeem either a free PB Big Tote Bag (priced at $20.00) or a PB Mini Tote Bag (priced at $16.00) with a minimum spend of $55.00

  2. Redeem a free Cafe? Latte with any shortcake purchase

  3. Purchase a bundle of three Soft Breads at a promotional price of only $3.00 (U.P. from $7.50).

The new outlet is located at 1 Yishun Ave 2, North Wing, #02-16/17 Northpoint City, Singapore 769098.



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