[CLOSED] Mom’s Touch: Famous Korean fast-food chain now at Paya Lebar Quarter

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
[CLOSED] Mom’s Touch: Famous Korean fast-food chain now at Paya Lebar Quarter
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Singaporean fans of South Korean food will be overjoyed to know that popular Korean fast-food chain Mom’s Touch has arrived at the new Paya Lebar Quarter.

Famous for their crispy Korean fried chicken and thick, juicy chicken burgers, diners can look forward to this popular chain expanding across the nation. The chain’s name is based on the principle that it strives to serve comforting and uplifting meals, just like those mothers prepare for their families.

The Paya Lebar Quater outlet will feature its famous hand-battered and hand-breaded chicken marinated with Mom’s Touch’s very own special seasoning blend, along with an affordable menu ($5.70 to S$7.00 for a la carte and below $10.00 for its combo meal).

Mom’s Spicy Thigh Burger

The Mom’s Spicy Thigh Burger comes with freshly cut lettuce, onions, pickles drizzled with their the popular Mom’s spicy sauce, topped with a large piece of the crunchy, and fried thigh meat, all of which are sandwiched between the oven-baked buns. Although it is a popular item on the menu in Korea, we felt that it was rather underwhelming as the fried chicken patty could easily be likened to KFC’s Zinger Burger. However, the spicy sauce really stood out as it was a unique flavour, especially when paired together with the burger as a whole. Try out the a-la-carte Burger for S$6.00 nett or order it as a set meal at S$8.50.

Mom’s Fried Chicken (Spicy or Non-Spicy)

Known for it’s crispy, juicy and tender fried chicken – Mom’s Touch has this dish available in both spicy and non-spicy versions. Their chicken is first marinated with Mom’s Touch’s very own special seasoning blend before being deep-fried, giving it a flavourful and crunchy texture. We personally really enjoyed the Spicy Fried Chicken, served hot and with generous portions. It is also very reasonably priced at S$3.60 nett if you order it a-la-carte for a quick bite. Otherwise, make it a full meal for S$8.70, which includes a side/drink of your choice.

Mom’s Spicy Sauce Chicken 

The chain also features Mom’ Spicy Sauce Chicken, another crowd favourite in Korea. The deep-fried chicken is covered in the rich and mildly spicy signature sauce. We weren’t really a fan of this dish as too much of the spicy sauce was drizzled over the chicken and we could hardly taste the chicken itself. If you do want to try this dish, it will be sold at an a-la-carte price of S$3.80 nett or at S$8.90 to make it a meal.



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