The best bars to get a Jim Beam Highball along Orchard Road

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
The best bars to get a Jim Beam Highball along Orchard Road
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If there is a perfect drink for the Orchard Road area, it would be the Jim Beam Highball.

Picture these scenarios:

You’ve been shopping for the past three hours and really need a sit-down to freshen up. A Jim Beam Highball to the rescue.

You’ve had a long day of meetings and deadlines at the office and you really need to unwind from the pressures of the workplace. A Jim Beam Highball to the rescue.

You’re out with your friends for a night on the town, you need to pace yourself as it’ll be an all-night affair, plus you need an ideal accompaniment for meals.

You guessed it, a Jim Beam Highball to the rescue.

Plus what’s there not to like? Jim Beam, the World’s No. 1 Bourbon, over ice, topped with soda, and finished with a squeeze of citrus!

It’s literally the best drink to keep you loose.It isn’t too strong, so it’s something that will keep you refreshed all night long.

A hot trend right now, it’s a cocktail that is perfect for Singapore’s tropical climate and here are the best places in Orchard Road to find it.

Don Don Donki (Orchard Central, Basement 2)

Located in a Japanese supermarket (yes, you heard that correctly) is Drink! Drunk! Donki!, a cozy Japanese bar which specialises in liquors, cocktails, spirits and you guessed it, Jim Beam Highballs.

It’s one of the few bars that has Jim Beam Highballs “on tap”  — serving Jim Beam Highballs from a special draft machine for a fizzier, more refreshing tipple! — and they currently have an all-day promotion for their Jim Beam Citrus Highballs at only $5.

Plus, ask the bartender about playing a dice game where you stand a chance to win a free Jim Beam Highball if you roll the same numbers!


Hej Kitchen & Bar (Peranakan Place)

Centrally located at Emerald Hill along Orchard Road, this all-day dining outfit has a menu that has everything from Margherita pizzas to Har Cheong Kai fried chicken and of course Jim Beam Highballs.

They have special Highball flavours like Pink Grapefruit and Yuzu, perfect accompanying drinks for sitting at one of their breezy alfresco tables to people-watch in the evenings.


Ice Cold Beer (Emerald Hill)

A mainstay at Emerald Hill, the bar is housed in a Peranakan shophouse that was built in 1910 and there is nothing not to love about this bar.

Their famous Har Cheong gai (prawn paste) fried chicken wings are to die for and the atmosphere is unpretentious to the max.

The icing on the cake? The darts machines and pool tables upstairs. You’ll never be bored here!

Yakiniku Jan Jan (Cuppage Terrace)

A hidden gem of sorts, Yakiniku Jan Jan specialises in Japanese Yakiniku (grilled meats) and premium meats that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Think all-you-can-eat buffets for $58++ and Wagyu beef buffets at only $88++.

Jim Beam Highballs cost a reasonable $6 per glass here and there are a wide range of flavoured highballs (cassis, watermelon, grapefruit, etc) at only an additional $1.

Located close to Somerset MRT, you sit by the counter on the ground floor where you can watch the chefs for some visual entertainment but if you’d like somewhere quieter, there are more spacious tables on their second level.



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