5 Best Champagne Cocktails

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
5 Best Champagne Cocktails
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The luxurious bubbly, obligatory at every celebratory occasion, champagne is gaining popularity in another category: cocktails.

Though many elitists frown upon the concept of adding any ingredient into this fine tipple, champagne cocktails have crept into our Sunday brunches, clubs and bars, adding another façade to this chic, alluring and indulgent gold liquid.


We crown five of the best champagne cocktails in Singapore:


Name: The “KLEE” Mimosa

Where: OverEasy Bar & Diner

What’s in it: Orange juice, pink guava juice, one scoop of pink guava sorbet, G H Mumm Brut Champagne, Erdinger beer, orange twist and a cherry for garnishing.

Taste: This unassuming yet seductive variation of the popular brunch tipple has oomph! It is topped up with a German beer, adding character to the appealing taste of the pink guava, balancing the overall sweetness.

Price: $18.00++



Name: Golden Swiss Fizz

Where: City Space@The Swissotel

What’s in it: St Germaine elderflower liqueur, fresh-pressed apple juice, Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne, Bitter Truth lemon bitters, a pinch of edible gold dust and Swiss chocolate-dipped apple fan for garnishing. 

Taste: It doesn’t get more glamorous than this: This sparkling cocktail keeps one fixated. You can’t help but gaze at the gold dust suspended in the liquid. The St Germain elderflower liqueur used is a fine artisanal French liqueur, adding a hint of flora fragrance and layers of fruity zest to this divinely refreshing cocktail.

Price: $19.00



Name: Champagne Supernova

Where: Stereolab, Pan Pacific Hotel

What’s in it: Champagne, fresh strawberries, strawberry liquor, Angostura Bitters and fresh strawberries for garnishing.

Incredibly sexy, the Champagne Supernova is the star cocktail at Stereolab. The recipe is simple but ingenious. The alchemy of flavours exudes a multitude of sensations as you take each sip.

Price: $22.00



Name: Oiishi

Where: Velvet Underground

What’s in it: Choya liquor, Moet & Chandon Champagne and Choya plum for garnishing 

Taste: An Oriental approach to the champagne cocktail, this simple, yet fiercely addictive recipe is refreshingly delicious! The tangy, sour distinctive taste of the popular Japanese liquor, Choya, brings out the crisp flavour of the Champagne.

Price: $18.50



Name: The Bellini

Where: St James Power Station – Bellini Room

What’s in it: Peach puree (60ml), peach schnapps (15ml) and prosecco for topping up 

Taste: The original cocktail was created in Venice, Harry’s Bar by Giuseppe Cipriani, hence the Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco is used instead of French champagne. It is believed that Prosecco has lighter air bubbles that work better for The Bellini. It is not hard to find this crowd pleaser in Singapore, but a truly decent one is hard to come by—and this is more than decent. You’ll fall in love once again with its rich, velvety texture, yet light and fruity, the way it should be.

Price: $20.00+



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