Subway’s new value meal, toppings, and social media contest

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Subway’s new value meal, toppings, and social media contest
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One meal at Subway is always enough to make us feel less guilty about the fried food or chips we had the day before.

The fast-food restaurant chain is now giving us more to be thankful for with their four new toppings!

The new toppings – Sweet Corn, Shredded Carrot, Mixed Capsicum and Shredded Beetroot, are here to add a whole lot more flavour and crunch to your sandwiches.

To top it off, your go-to subs can now be more nutritious, delicious and colourful, making them perfect for your pictures.

Speaking of pictures, if you find yourself tapping through social media often, why not take some time to join Subway’s Sub with Your Name On It Social Contest.

For a limited time only, Subway guests stand a chance to win a yummy meal by purchasing a Make Me A Sub meal!

In the coming weeks (from Mar 15), Subway Singapore will post an Ingredient Alphabet List – guests can use letters of their name which correspond to different ingredients to build a sub with their name on it.

To qualify for the contest, you will have to:

  1. Take a picture of your #MakeMeASub sub.

  2. Tell Subway your name and the ingredients in the sub.

  3. Tag #MakeMeASub and #BetterForYou when posting the picture.

Subway guests with the craziest combos stand a chance to walk away with a free meal of their choice!

To make things a lot more tasty and fun, Subway is rolling out its all-new Everyday Subs and Everyday Value Meal.

For its Everyday subs, you can expect savoury treats like Chicken Teriyaki Fridays, Chicken Bulgogi Sundays, Egg Mayo Mondays or Roast Beef Tuesdays.

With every purchase of these Everyday Subs, you will receive one six-inch sub and one sixteen-ounce drink of choice.

The Everyday value meal offers the one and only Veggie Delite – available every day so that you can stick to your health goals with ease.

If you would like to know more, visit them here or even their new TikTok!



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