McDonald’s offers limited-edition items in Pokemon-themed packaging from Sept 1

September 1, 2022 By Toh Ee Ming
McDonald’s offers limited-edition items in Pokemon-themed packaging from Sept 1

Who says we can’t get enough of Pokemon?

Fans will be thrilled to know that from Thursday (Sept 1), McDonald’s Singapore is repackaging three of its limited-edition items in Pokemon-themed packaging.

There’s something about the novelty factor of sinking your teeth into your McPepper burger, which comes wrapped in a Charizard-printed packaging — a tongue-in-cheek allusion to its electrifyingly fiery taste.

Pokemon enthusiasts can also look forward to the pulut hitam pie that’ll come in Eevee-printed packaging and the teh C frappe in Pikachu- or Scorbunny-printed packaging.

The McPepper burger was first launched in September last year, featuring juicy, double black-pepper beef patties glazed with sweet, spicy black-pepper sauce and topped with sauteed onions.

McDonald’s Laksa Delight Burger_Pulut Hitam Pie
Pulut hitam pie. Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Meanwhile, the pulut hitam pie and teh C frappe were introduced in July  — in celebration of Singapore’s 57th National Day. The pie is a twist on a local favourite, featuring purple sticky rice coconut cream filling encased in a crispy pastry crust, while the teh C frappe is an ice-blended milk tea drink topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder.

“These limited-edition Pokemon-packaged menu items will be available from Sept 1, while stocks last. We hope that our customers and Pokemon fans in Singapore will enjoy them,” said a McDonald’s spokesperson.

Looks like we gotta catch ’em all.


McDonald’s is on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride to its stores.

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