TAKEAWAY: Get your fill of prosperity with Halal Yu Sheng

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
TAKEAWAY: Get your fill of prosperity with Halal Yu Sheng
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Looking for some halal yu sheng for Chinese New Year?

The Prosperity Yu Sheng from The Ramen Stall and The Dim Sum Place never fails to deliver. The eateries were started by the same people behind The Ramen House, a popular ramen supper spot.

It comprises some of the staple ingredients that you’ve come to expect from the dish: carrots, radish in a variety of colours and salmon. Condiments that go into the dish include white pepper, black and white sesame, as well as sweet and sour sauces — all of which lend a familiarity to the dish. 

But it’s not all same ol’, same ol’. The usual crackers have been swapped out and crispy fish skin is offered in its place. The restaurant has also embellished their yu sheng with red and wasabi Tobiko — condiments seldom seen in the dish. 

They add creaminess, as well as a touch of opulence, to the dish. After all, for a dish meant to symbolise auspiciousness and prosperity, the more luxurious and decadent, the better!

And the ingredients carry a symbolism to them too: the salmon, for example, relays the hope “to have abundance year after year”.

The sweet and sour sauce is meant to signify warmth and unity within your family, just as opposites like sweet and sour can come together and complement each other.

Eating something so thoughtfully put together makes the whole dining experience feel so much more meaningful.

The Prosperity Yu Sheng will be available for takeaway from 5 February to 4 March, and must be ordered at least three days in advance to ensure that the freshest ingredients are used. For bigger groups, the large set (8-12 pax) is priced at $48.80++, and the smaller set (4-6 pax) at $28.80++.

Non-halal option

The Ramen House also offers a non-halal version of their Prosperity Yu Sheng for takeaway.



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