Gift ideas for 7 different types of friends for the festive season

By Evan Mua December 1, 2023
Gift ideas for 7 different types of friends for the festive season
Need some gift ideas? Here are some ultra-specific ones from GrabMart’s seasonal sale! Photos, clockwise from top left: Canva, Canva, Grab, Canva

Gifting is an art and in this season of giving, some of us are probably struggling to decide what to give our friends and loved ones.

We often tend to conflate price with value and thoughtfulness. But those who know, know: It’s the small things that matter to our loved ones; it’s the meaning behind the gift that counts.

Instead of the usual appliances and accessories — and, god forbid, trinkets that will be left unused — why not show someone you care with a well-timed delivery that hits the spot?

There’s a seasonal sale going on at GrabMart right now, from Nov 20 to Dec 10 with up to 47% off, which makes it an even more opportune time to shower those you care about with some care and concern.

Nonetheless, thinking up gift ideas is always the most challenging part of the festive season

Need some help? We thought of seven considerate gifts you can give to seven different types of people in your life — try to spot them!

1. The football fan

02 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
Don’t let him start a debate on Ronaldo vs Messi, because it’ll get Messy. Photo: OpenArt

Who’s this for: The “bro” who is always obsessed about the next Champions’ League match. He probably constantly invites you over to catch that 4am game after hearing you’re a football fan and your conversations revolve around why every referee is out to make his favourite team lose.

03 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-heineken grabmart sale-hungrygowhere
The best time to stock up on cold ones for the next Champions League night. Photo: Drinkies

The gift: Heineken from Drinkies. It’s the best time to stock up — Drinkies is offering a three-pack bundle of six Heineken lager beer cans at S$44.82 with a great 40% off (U.P. S$74.70).

Why it’s the perfect gift: You can choose to watch football sober, but we all know it’s better with some beers. Nothing says “I gotchu bro” quite like stocking up his fridge with beer for match nights.

It benefits you too! You can crack open a cold one and watch Erling Haaland score his one-millionth hat trick or watch Marcus Rashford miss his one-thousandth shot (pain, I’m a Man U fan) — your pick.

2. The gossiping bestie

04 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
ou know more about their horoscope and talking stages than your overdue quarterly financial report. Photo: OpenArt

Who’s this for: Have that bestie you can’t help but find yourself constantly spilling the hottest tea to? The one who you see as your ride-and-die and always your first invite for a weekend brunch? You know who I’m talking about!

05 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-marks and spencer-hungrygowhere
The perfect table wine if you’re setting up a bougie girls’ brunch sesh at home. Photo: Drinkies

The gift: Sparkling rose wine from Marks & Spencer’s. A bottle of the brand’s dainty house label, the Prestige Rosado cava 75cl, is going for just S$23.94 at 40% off! (U.P. S$39.90)

Why it’s the perfect gift: Have you ever wanted to have a boozy brunch but find it too expensive? Well, here’s a chance to have your own bougie brunch at home, complete with bubbles, for your next tea-spilling session. 

The sparkling rose wine would go perfectly with brunch classics such as creamy carbonara or avo toast, for sure. Plus, cooking (or wrecking the kitchen) together would be another fun activity!

3. The night owl

06 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
The peace and quiet of night makes this person feel most at ease. Photo: OpenArt

Who is this for: We all know one person who stays up until 3am on the daily, doing nothing throughout the night but playing Mobile Legends or bingeing on Netflix shows as some sort of “revenge me-time”. And we respect that.

07 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
Bingeing shows and bingeing ice cream go hand in hand. Photo: The Ice Cream Store

The gift: Ice cream from The Ice Cream Store. The Triple the Happiness bundle is available at 41% off! (S$21.60, U.P. S$36.50)

Why it’s the perfect gift: Who doesn’t enjoy bingeing their shows with an ice-cream pint in hand — especially when you’re ugly crying to your newest K-drama obsession? Goblin mode is not goblin mode without some extra indulgence and ice-cream is that one universally beloved treat that no one can resist.

4. The rabak guy

10 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
Every bar shoots them on sight, i.e. gives them free shots on sight. Photo: OpenArt

Who’s this for: Phrases such as “don’t weak leh” or “BTBLP” (a vulgar term we shan’t expose to those unaware of its meaning) are probably prominently featured in their vernacular. Never far from alcohol, this person is perpetually found at bars, clubs, or hosting epic drinking sessions at home.

11 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
Is it really a drinking sesh without some soju? Photo: Cheers

The gift: Soju from Cheers. You can get 40% off any three bottles of soju — mix and match as you like from the selected brands! (Chorong U.P. S$14.30, Jinro U.P. S$17.50, Chuga S$17.40)

Why it’s the perfect gift: This is a no-brainer, especially with the popularity of soju when it comes to making concoctions such as Yakult soju or somaek (beer and soju) — which we tried making an elevated version of recently.

Two bottles of soju, or 10, are probably welcome mixers or pre-drinks for them. After all, alcohol is alcohol and alcoholism is an expensive hobby. (I’ll admit: This is me.)

5. The sweet tooth

08 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
Scared of diabetes? Diabetes is scared of this person. Photo: OpenArt

Who’s this for: Some people subsist on sugar. Ever look at a friend devouring a whole table of cakes by themselves and wonder: “How are they still alive?” Shout out to our colleague Phyllis, because the sweet-toothed dessert fanaticism never ceases to amaze.

09 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
The signature macarons will leave your dessert lover friends with a sugar high. Photo: Annabella Patisserie

The gift: A pastry care package with 30% off menu wide at Annabella Patisserie. You can grab all the signature treats you want, including the dainty macarons and decadent brownies, with a minimum spend of S$20, capped at S$6 off.

Why it’s the perfect gift: I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. 30% off its entire menu means you can stuff more than enough treats in that order and leave your dessert friend feeling as euphoric as a kid in a candy store. 

Even better if they are hosting a dinner party, so everyone can enjoy the sweet treats together. Just remember to save the paiseh piece(s) for the host.

6. The distinguished gentleman/lady

12 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
“Hi boss, here’s a gift, can I get a promotion? Thanks.”. Photo: OpenArt

Who’s this for: Psst, remember this one. Because this person is probably your boss. The older member in the team who has their shit together and a lovely house where they and their spouse are happy to host a wine-filled soiree.

13 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
Show your boss your sophistication with some snazzy wines! Photo: Wine Connection

The gift: Festive Wine Bundle from Wine Connection. Get 40% off (S$99, U.P. $165) on these quality labels, ranging from a bubbly prosecco to a robust rioja, a red from Spain.

Why it’s the perfect gift: If you were invited to a team Christmas gathering at their house, showing up with wine as a courtesy gift is always great. But how about surprising them with a bundle of wines? Now, that’s sure to improve their view of you and, hopefully, your upcoming performance appraisal.

7. The overworked hustler

14 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
Work-life balance? You mean day-job-and-side-gig(s) balance. Photo: OpenArt

Who’s this for: “Don’t say bo jio” doesn’t work on them because they don’t want to be jio-ed — they’d rather be working. Between the constant rush for deadlines from their three different side-hustles and meeting clients, it’s rare to find these workaholics taking a breather.

15 ev-gift ideas for different friends singapore-hungrygowhere
As far as affordable ready-to-eat bentos go, Donki is one of the most popular. Photo: Don Don Donki

The gift: Food bentos from Don Don Donki. Specifically, the gindara saikyo miso & scallop jyu bento, which is now going for 47% off (S$6.90, U.P. S$12.90) — at basically half price, this bento makes a great and affordable lunch care package!

Why it’s the perfect gift: Instead of trying to pull them away from their work to accompany you for lunch, a hearty bento is probably a better way to show care to your pal on their busiest days.

As compared to a hot meal that needs to be eaten immediately, this fuss-free, ready to heat dish is probably more suitable for whenever these hustlers manage to find a modicum of free time.

Can’t find your bestie(s) on this list? 

No big deal, you can still use this chance to take advantage of GrabMart’s wide selection and diverse deals to find a thoughtful gift most suitable for your friend. Everyone is unique after all, and you probably know your friend better than some internet stranger (i.e. this guy). 

This article was written in partnership with GrabMart.

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