Selera Rasa: Super cheap nasi biryani!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Selera Rasa: Super cheap nasi biryani!
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In business since the early 1980s, this stall is popular for its very cheap biryanis.

While normally you would have to pay $5 and upwards for a plate, at Selera Rasa, it is only $3.50 which is incredible value-for-money.

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The flavour is also far better than what you’d get from an average stall.

The stall’s cheap biryani offer started just 10 years ago and the reception was so positive that they stopped selling their other dish of nasi lemak to focus solely on biryani.

What you get is the local Malay-style “nasi” biryani — with average biryani rice portions, a standard meat portion on top, sliced cucumbers and dalcha (lentil-based curry) on the side.

You can also add a boiled egg for an additional 50 cents.

The chicken and mutton options come spicier than normal but the savoury curry flavour is rather moderate. A little more oomph would be appreciated but you can’t complain at this price point!

While the chicken meat textures are decent, the mutton pieces stand out as they are especially tender.

The rice — we suspect — is a mix of jasmine and long grain basmati rice and it comes reasonably buttery with occasional scatterings of fried onions.

A bit of savoury masala is scooped on to the rice but not enough to seriously upp the savouriness of the dish.

That’s where the dalcha comes in — modestly thick and savoury. It helps to put a little more flavour into the dish.

The surprising bonus are the chunky pieces of brinjal, carrots, potatoes and/or the occasional mutton fat that they dish out.

They have four different biryani options — mutton, fried fish and curry chicken but the main highlight is their fried chicken, also their most popular dish.

It comes crispy, is well-spiced and has a big savoury flavour. The meat is also nicely moist and never dry.

They only fry one trayful at a time, a good thing so that the chicken is always freshly fried.

Additional pieces of fried chicken are only $2 each so you can have a fantastic fried chicken biryani indulgence for only $5.50!

On the other end, the fried fish is the least popular among all the options, but it is also excellently done.

The cutlets are thick cut and fried using the same spices as the fried chicken. The batter provides a little of that crispy crunch and the flesh is always nice and moist.



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