14 places to savour the most delicious strawberry shortcakes in Singapore

By Celestine Tan June 14, 2024
14 places to savour the most delicious strawberry shortcakes in Singapore
Photos (from left): edithpatisserie.com, Delcie’s Desserts/Instagram

Everyone loves a good strawberry shortcake — a vanilla sponge or crumbly biscuit base, layered with sweet whipped cream and fresh strawberries. It’s a classic dessert that has withstood the test of time, with the earliest known recipe having dated back all the way to England in the 16th century. Of course, you’d find good strawberry shortcakes in Singapore as well.

It sounds like a simple cake given the rather standard ingredients, but it’s all about getting the delicate balance of moist sponge, fresh cream and sweet yet slightly tart fruit to hit that perfect sweet spot. 

So what exactly is so alluring about this dessert? And where can you find the best strawberry shortcakes in Singapore? Here are 14 places where you can savour the most delicious strawberry shortcakes in Singapore.

1. Henri Charpentier 

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Fun fact: The three strawberries placed atop each slice are inspired by the flames from the candles on the brand’s logo. Photo: Henri Charpentier/Instagram

Why visit? Henri Charpentier is a French-inspired cafe that has roots in Kobe, Japan from more than half a century ago. 

It may be most well-known for its financiers, but its strawberry shortcake is a huge favourite as well — soft, light, fluffy and creamy, with a slight tartness to the strawberries, it is a perfect blend that promises to melt in your mouth 

Do note that if you’re dining in, you will need to order at least one item per diner, which really is the perfect excuse to try a greater variety of its offerings! 

Crowd favourites: Sit down to enjoy a slice of strawberry shortcake at S$10.80, or if you’re looking for a larger portion for sharing, there’s the  whole strawberry shortcake(12cm cake at S$47.10, 15cm cake at S$64.80).

2. Flor Patisserie

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
A double strawberry shortcake dressed in Chantilly lace and chitose strawberries, topped with edible blooms. Photo: Flor Patisserie/Instagram

Why visit? At Flor Patisserie, only the freshest and best quality ingredients are used in its bakes, and it takes extreme pride in the delicate baking process of its creations.

The strawberry shortcake here comprises a shortcake of its signature sponge, softly whipped Chantilly cream and sweet Japanese chitose strawberries in between the layers and as decoration atop the cake.

On a side note, we admire how Flor Patisserie has decided no longer to give out single-use plastics, so you’ll do well to bring your own bag when purchasing from them. This even extends to plastic knives, too. 

Crowd favourites: You’ll be able to get a slice of strawberry shortcake at S$9.95, while you can also enjoy a whole strawberry shortcake from S$63 onwards, depending on your selected size. 

3. Chateraise

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Old but gold — Chateraise’s strawberry cakes have been around for awhile now but they are still so good. Photo: @when.im.not.working/Instagram

Why visit? Quite the household name, Chateraise is a Japanese confectionery that has opened many outlets at many convenient locations, both in town and in the heartlands — and even recently an unmanned outlet in Bukit Timah! It sells a range of reasonably priced desserts, ice-creams and cakes. 

It also serves up a solid strawberry shortcake that comes in both slices, or whole strawberry cakes paired with either fresh cream or chocolate cream. There is even an option of a half and half, if you can’t decide between the two! Whichever you choose, you can be sure it comes with a moist and soft sponge cake base, fresh whipped cream and a generous serving of strawberry sauce. 

Crowd favourites: If you’re looking for a whole Special strawberry whole cake, you’ll have the option of the 12cm cake at S$30, 17cm cake at S$57, or the 20cm cake at S$67. Alternatively, a single slice of the Legendary fresh cream cake (S$5.50) is perfect for a quick bite. 

4. Chef Yamashita

1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, 02-44
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (10.30am to 10.30pm)

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Can you spot the round ichigo deco? Photo: Chef Yamashita/Instagram

Why visit? Helmed by the reknowned Chef Yamashita, this Japanese artisan patisserie, named after the owner himself, is famed for its amazing cakes. Interestingly, Chef Yamashita has had his fingers in two other patisseries on this list (Patisserie Glace and Flor Patisserie) as well, over the course of his career. This is testament to his expertise and dedication to his craft.

The ichigo (or “strawberry” in Japanese) is Chef Yamashita’s version of Japanese-styled strawberry shortcake, made with a light and airy vanilla sponge alongside a generous layer of fresh soft cream, and sliced strawberries in between. It’s a balanced cake that’s not too sweet, and can easily satiate everyone’s taste buds.

Crowd favourites: A whole ichigo is great as a birthday cake option, and here you can even choose between round or angular cakes — a round ichigo deco (starting at S$35 for 12cm) is great for a small party of three to four persons, while an angular ichigo with a lovely bow tied around it is suitable for bigger groups with more than 20 people (starting at S$110 for a 22cm x 24cm cake).

5. Dulcet & Studio

Ngee Ann City, B2-33/33A, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 8.45pm)

Connection One, 01-03, 168 Jalan Bukit Merah
Open: Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm), Saturday and Sunday (10am to 5pm)

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
The splendid matcha strawberry shortcake. Have some wording on the side and this makes the perfect cake for a special occasion. Photo: dulcetnstudio.tampopo.com.sg

Why visit? Dulcet & Studio might specialise in the fluffiest pandan chiffon cakes, but it also serves up a more-than-decent strawberry shortcake as well. On top of all that, it also ingeniously incorporates Asian flavours such as matcha, yuzu and black sesame into its bakes.

The strawberry shortcake here is delightfully moist and fluffy, making for a light yet satisfying dessert. Now, pair this with a rich, delicious matcha topping and we’ve got ourselves a clear winner here!

Crowd favourites: If you’re looking to get a whole cake, you should definitely try its unique matcha strawberry shortcake that comes in 14cm (S$58.60) or 20cm (S$68.60) sizes. 

Do note that the whole cakes require a pre-order of at least three days in advance. If not, you can also enjoy a slice of its standard strawberry shortcake (S$8.40) if you have a sudden strawberry shortcake craving in Singapore.

6. Baker’s Brew

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
The almond crumble topping on the cake certainly adds some character. Photo: bakersbrew.com

Why visit? Baker’s Brew has grown from humble beginnings to a brand that continues to deliver quality bakes, be it pastries, doughnuts, or cakes. It has a decadent selection of bakes available, so if you have a sweet tooth you’d definitely be spoilt for choice. 

Of its bakes, its classic strawberry shortcake is also one to watch out for — this light and fluffy cake is made out of layers of vanilla milk sponge and fresh Chantilly cream, filled in between with strawberry chutney and fresh strawberry chunks. Topped off with even more fresh cream, strawberries and some divine almond crumble, you’ll be craving for more after your first bite.

Crowd favourites: The Hokkaido strawberry shortcake, which comes as a 6-inch cake (S$65) to a 10-inch ($150) one, is as pretty as a picture and tastes just as good to boot.

7. Edith Patisserie

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores.

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Truly elegant simplicity at its best. Photo: edithpatisserie.com

Why visit? Edith Patisserie lovingly crafts the most gorgeous cakes and bakes that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also absolutely delicious.

Its strawberry shortcake is a lovely creation that ticks all the boxes for its elegant simplicity — this classic cake comprises vanilla chiffon sponge made with fragrant vanilla beans, layered generously with fresh whipped cream and sweet sliced strawberries.

Crowd favourites: A whole strawberry shortcake starts from S$59.10 for a 6-inch size cake — the 1kg-cake serves approximately 5 to 8 people.

8. Cafe Ma Maison 

Mandarin Gallery, 02-33/34, 333A Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9pm)

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Those layers are absolutely stunning. Photo: @roxannestorres/Instagram

Why visit? Another Japanese cafe with delightful and irresistible cakes is Cafe Ma Maison, the cafe arm of the larger Ma Maison chain of restaurants selling Japanese-Western fusion food, tonkatsu and fruit tarts and cakes.

Cafe Ma Maison’s main stars would certainly be its cakes, and its strawberry shortcake is one of its highlights — it’s a must-try if you’re there!

Crowd favourites: A sliced strawberry shortcake (S$9.80) is perfect with an afternoon coffee or tea at this quaint cafe with a cozy ambience. If you’re looking for a whole strawberry shortcake, there are options starting from a 15cm cake (S$48) to a 24cm (S$95) one.

9. Pantler

474 River Valley Road
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (10.30am to 6.30pm)

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
18cm whole strawberry shortcake by Pantler. Photo: pantler.com.sg

Why visit? Pantler is a popular patisserie that has captured the hearts of many with its elegant and delectable desserts and pastries. The menu here gears towards a slightly higher price point but you can be assured of the quality.

Its signature strawberry shortcake features a delicate and light sponge base, lightly sweetened cream and sweet Chitose strawberries. This cake also has a special ingredient — strawberry liquour — which certainly adds an extra oomph to the overall flavour!

Crowd favourites: A whole strawberry shortcake is available in 15cm (S$80, feeds eight) and 18cm (S$112, feeds 10) sizes. A single slice of this beauty would be S$9.80.

10. Ciel Patisserie

Thomson V One, 01-03, 9 Sin Ming Road
Open: Monday to Friday (11am to 8pm), Saturday and Sunday (11am to 9pm)

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
How many strawberries do you think it took to make this stunning strawberry masterpiece? Photo: Ciel Patisserie/Instagram

Why visit? Ciel Patisserie is a homegrown patisserie that prides itself on its French-inspired sweets and pastries. 

With a diverse selection of exquisite pastries and cakes, Ciel Patisserie’s strawberry shortcake stands out for its classic simplicity and refreshing lightness. There, you’ll be treated to a lightly sweetened whipped cream and juicy strawberries that are sandwiched between two layers of soft, airy sponge cake. 

It’s also noteworthy that it allows customisations of your strawberry shortcake — you can reach out via email to put in your request; perfect for anniversaries and birthdays!

Crowd favourites: An individual slice of strawberry shortcake (S$8) is the perfect afternoon treat. If you’d like a whole cake, its strawberry shortcake is baked in a square — a 6-inch square cake (S$55) can serve around six persons, while an 8-inch square (S$70) can serve around 10. 

11. Patisserie Glace

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Chock-full of strawberries and blueberries. Photo: Patisserie Glace/Instagram

Why visit? Helmed by a Japanese chef, Patisserie Glace has won the hearts of many Singaporeans with its accessible and affordable offerings.

There are an assortment of strawberry shortcakes to choose from here, whether round or square, decorated with strawberry halves or quarters, and across sizes — you’ll definitely be able to find a strawberry shortcake in Singapore that’s just right for you at Patisserie Glace. 

While Patisserie Glace is not halal certified, it uses fish gelatin (instead of the usual porcine or bovine versions) and its strawberry shortcake is also alcohol free. 

Crowd favourites: A slice of strawberry shortcake (S$6.40) is quite the favourite, but it’s worth noting that there is a minimum order of 2 slices if you are ordering online. The whole cakes (starting from S$31.90) sell out very quickly, so make your order in advance.

12. Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

34 Whampoa West, 01-83
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 8pm)

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Eggless, dairy-free, nut-free, diabetic-friendly and baby-friendly. Photo: Delcie’s Desserts/Instagram

Why visit? Healthy and desserts do not usually go together, but at Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes, you’ll find that they do come hand in hand after all. Catering specially to people with sensitive diets, here you’ll find halal, vegan, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free dessert options and more. And the bonus is, they taste just as scrumptious.

With the freshest ingredients, Delcie’s version of a strawberry shortcake is the eggless, dairy-free, nut-free, diabetic-friendly (which means that its cholesterol-free, trans fat-free and certified low glycemic index), baby-friendly red forest cake. Even with all these, you still get a lovely vanilla sponge cake that’s layered with diced, sweet, juicy and tangy strawberries from Japan — all we can say is: Wow.

Crowd favourites: The luscious red forest cake (from S$88) is every strawberry lover’s dream. You can choose to have it round or square and in an assortment of sizes that suits your occasion.

13. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Everyone, introducing the cruffin. Photo: mrholmesbakehouse.sg

Why visit? Born in San Francisco and journeying all the way to sunny Singapore, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a bakery most well-known for its cruffins — a hybrid between a croissant and a muffin that’s filled with succulent flavoured cream.

If you’ve always wanted traditional strawberry shortcake but with a twist, then make a beeline for its strawberry shortcake cruffin — it’s been filled with whipped white chocolate cream and strawberry compote, then topped with a white chocolate strawberry crumb coin. It’s out of the box, sure, but it works.

Crowd favourites: Try the strawberry shortcake cruffin (S$7.63) for a variation on the usual strawberry shortcake; the textures and flavours will not fail to delight!

14. Paris Baguette

Multiple outlets islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Strawberry Shortcake Singapore
Charlotte’s a beauty. Photo: parisbaguette.com.sg

Why visit? For those who don’t already know, Paris Baguette is a bakery and cafe hailing from Korea offering French-inspired bakes, sandwiches and salads. The selection is huge and there is really something for everyone here.

And of course, there is something strawberry-flavoured here, as well. If you’re one of those that always felt that the strawberry and cream combination is just missing that little bit of tartness, then Paris Baguette’s strawberry yoghurt cake will be right up your alley. 

Crowd favourites: For something different than the usual, go for the strawberry yoghurt Charlotte cake (S$65 for a whole cake, S$10.90 for a slice). It’s a creamy yoghurt mousse cake with fresh, sweet strawberries and spongey ladyfingers, and a very clever take on the classic strawberry shortcake.

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All eateries, except for Chateraise, Dulcet & Studio, Pantler, and Ciel Patisserie, are on the GrabFood Delivery Service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. 

Do explore the GrabFood Dine Out service for awesome deals.  

Alternatively, book a ride to get your hands on these strawberry shortcakes  in Singapore.

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