Everything you need to know about durians

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Everything you need to know about durians
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You can’t blame us for being excited about the durian, can you?

Mention the king of fruits to a fan and you’ll see their eyes light up immediately. The rich, creamy and extremely fragrant fruit is great eaten on its own or added into desserts. We’ve put together a handy reckoner on this much loved fruit: from where to buy them, how to eat them, which ones to eat and even old wives tales about durians.

Whether you are an enthusiast or not, here is everything you ever needed to know about this thorny fruit, to search, or to avoid it:


The ultimate durian taste test
We tasted 11 cultivars of durian to settle on our favourite. We also found our favourite durian stall along the way

How to pick the best durians

We reveal the trade secrets of the city’s best durian sellers and compile a checklist.


Durian superstitions of the yesteryears

Sylvia Toh Paik Choo reminisces on the time of double-season durians and street hawkers, and shares the reason for drinking water out of a durian shell

Where to buy durians in Singapore
The only list you’ll need – as many durian sellers as we can fit into one page


Where to eat durians in Singapore
10 ways to eat durian; 16 places to eat it at

Desserts made with durian
Try these three desserts, made more delicious with the addition of durian


How to get rid of durian smell
Eaten too much durian? Before you burp, these tips will ensure you’re free of the overpowering durian scent



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