Butter Bean launches new outlet at VivoCity

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Butter Bean launches new outlet at VivoCity
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You can now get your fix of Nanyang coffee at Butter Bean’s second outlet, now open at VivoCity.

The store is home to a creative coffee concept and interesting delights such as Brulee Kopi Latte, Milky Milo toast, Curry on Sunshine – which is a mix of Chicken Curry rice and eggs.

The menu offers a mix of local and international beverages which can be best enjoyed at your preferred sweetness levels as well.

Unveiled on 10 September 2020, this outlet is designed with a vibrant pop of colours including a welcoming yellow interior- perfect for an afternoon break.

While the Brulee Kopi Latte or Brulee Teh Latte is composed with fresh milk, Nanyang coffee or tea and the signature salted cream foam, topped with sprinkled sugar, the drink is further enhanced by the brief torching done at the top.

These drinks can be paired with either their toast sets, their sandwich sets or even their mains.

The toasts, which are thick and substantial come with different toppings such as Peanut Butter and Jelly or, for those who may prefer savoury notes, Cheese and Omu Cheese.

The sandwiches on the other hand, are filled to the brim with omelette, sliced cheese, butterhead lettuce and your choice of protein- Battered Fried Fish, Crispy Fried Chicken or Basic Ham and Cheese.

These sandwiches go so well with their dressings such as homemade curry, black pepper, garlic sesame or even the classic Thousand Island.

Butter Bean has added its own twist to a few local favourites such as the classic prawn noodles and Laksa. Starting at a price of $6.80, you can also top them up to add on specialty or classic drinks.

Their specialty drinks might bode well with those who prefer something more chilling on a warm day out. You could try the BB Rose- a light take on the local favourite Bandung, the Lime Aiyu or the Lychee Orange Tea.

Head down now to their outlet at VivoCity to try out their dishes or purchase some of their delicious cupcakes which are available at both outlets too.

Butter Bean is now available on Foodpanda as well as Pickupp, making it easier for you to try out their signature favourites such as the BBrûlée Kopi Latte, PB & J Toast, B.F.F (Battered Fish Fillet) Sandwich and Curry On Sunshine

The restaurant chain’s merchandise such as- Tote Bags, Logo Cap and Nanyang Coffee Powder – a proprietary blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, can also be purchased via the above mentioned delivery platforms.  

From now till 31 October, you can enjoy 30% Off various bundles. For those who want to try the mains, you can go for the bundle that includes any two Mains, PB&J, Say Cheese and two Specialty Drinks.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can get any two Sandwiches, two Cupcakes and two Specialty Drinks at 30% off instead.

There are other bundles available so visit the delivery platforms to find out more.

1 Harbourfront Walk #01-207, Singapore 098585
Sunday to Thursday- 8am to 9pm
Friday, Saturday, Public Holidays- 8am to 10pm

For more information, visit:

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