Butter Bean debuts its own sweet and savoury croissants

By Azhar Aziz September 29, 2022
Butter Bean debuts its own sweet and savoury croissants
Photo: Butter Bean
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Butter Bean is usually known for its thick toasts and sandwiches, but the halal-certified eatery has recently launched a range of sweet and savoury croissant sandwiches in conjunction with its second birthday! Available since Sept 22, there are seven different flavours of croissants available. Each is prepared fresh in-store daily.

If you prefer a more savoury option, opt for the CFC (crispy fried chicken) Croissant (S$5.90) or BFF (battered fish fillet) Croissant (S$5.90), both of which come with a nice crunch to every bite. Or try the Omu Cheese Croissant (S$5.50) for a more creamy mouthfeel.

Butter Bean's Chicken Ham Cheese and BFF croissants
The Chicken Ham Cheese and BFF croissants. Photo: Azhar Aziz/HungryGoWhere

The HungryGoWhere team tried the BFF Croissant. It comes with Butter Bean’s signature battered fish fillet, an omelette, butterhead lettuce and cheese. 

The battered fish fillet was clearly the star of the dish, with a crunchy exterior that encased soft and flaky flesh within. It went well with the tasty omelette and crispy croissant. Finished with Thousand Island dressing, each mouthful presented a variety of textures and flavours, and it was overall a satisfying meal.

If you prefer something sweet, try the Mt Kaya Croissant (S$3.80), which has slivers of butter within each croissant and a generous amount of kaya drizzled atop. Or you can opt for the PB (peanut butter) Croissant (S$3.80) or the Milo Dino Croissant (S$3.80).

The PB Croissant
The PB Croissant. Photo: Azhar Aziz/HungryGoWhere

Our favourite is the PB Croissant. It is topped with a generous layer of peanut butter and houses salted butter, crushed roasted peanuts and sugar. Both savoury and sweet, it felt like we were munching on min jiang kueh (a traditional peanut pancake), but with a twist.

To celebrate its second anniversary, Butter Bean is running a bundle promotion for its croissant sandwiches. The savoury croissants will be going for S$9.90 for two, while the sweet ones will be priced at S$6.90 for two.

You can also mix and match any three croissants in a single purchase to get one for free. The bundle and mix and match promotions are available until Oct 26.

Butter Bean is a creative concept started by the BreadTalk Group in 2020 that aims to deliver a modern Nanyang coffee experience, designed for the new generation’s palate and lifestyle. It operates three outlets; you can find them in Funan mall, VivoCity and Seletar Mall.

Butter Bean is on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride there.

Butter Bean

Funan, 01-01, 109 North Bridge Road
Nearest MRT station: City Hall
Open: Daily (8.30am to 8pm)

Funan, 01-01, 109 North Bridge Road
Nearest MRT station: City Hall
Open: Daily (8.30am to 8pm)

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