Zhen Jie: Asian Desserts Galore!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Zhen Jie: Asian Desserts Galore!
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This modest-sized dessert stall churns out an amazing variety of hot and cold Asian desserts that are well-executed and reasonably priced.

One of their signature items is ah balling ($2.00) – glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with peanut, sesame, or red bean paste. You can choose to have your ah balling in peanut soup or a mild ginger syrup.

The cheng tng ($2.00) is also not to be missed. It’s very traditional in style, with plenty of white fungus, gingko nut, dried longan, red date, lotus seed, lily bud, and winter melon. The sweet soup is refreshing and not too sweet.

For something cold and fruity, try the mango sago pomelo ($2.50). Besides a generous amount of mango cubes, they add dices of nata de coco for a unique texture and flavor. The sweet and tangy flavors are nicely balanced, making this dessert the perfect choice for a hot day.



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