[CLOSED] Yanmi Yogurt Review: Is it worth a try?

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
[CLOSED] Yanmi Yogurt Review: Is it worth a try?
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What We Enjoyed:

  • Yanmi’s purple rice yoghurt- a good combination of textures

  • Man-mango Yogurt- a sweet and dour blend of flavours

  • Chewy Oats Yogurt- Nutty Notes due to Oat bits

  • The layout of Cafe- Aesthetic and Perfect for Insta Photos


What We Did not Enjoy:

  • Refreshing Watermelon Yoghurt- Not the flavour we were expecting but would be a hit among berry lovers

Yanmi Yogurt is the first brand in Singapore to specialise in purple-rice yoghurt, an interesting yet yummy concoction.

Following their success at Funan mall, this cafe has officially unveiled its 2nd outlet at Wisma Atria along with the debut of its Indulgence Yogurt series, featuring flavours with a local touch- Roasted Brown Sugar Boba Yogurt ($4.80), Caramel Oats Yogurt ($5.30) and Kyoto Matcha Red-bean Yogurt ($5.30).

Some other new items on their menu are the Mango Pomelo Sago Yogurt ($6.50) and Refreshing Watermelon Yogurt ($5.30) which are part of the 100% Fresh Fruit X Yogurt Smoothie series.

What’s also new is their new logo that spots a simplistic design now!

While we have heard good things about this healthier drink alternative, we wanted to know if it is worth the hype and of course, money.

We headed down to the new outlet. The first thing that caught our eyes was the industrial design of the place.

This layout is meant to depict the process that goes behind creating Yanmi Yoghurt products. This is contrary to the pastel layout that you may be accustomed to at the Funan outlet.

We were given four drinks to try- Yanmi’s Purple Rice Yogurt ($4.80), Chewy Oats Yogurt ($4.80), Man-mango Yogurt ($5.30) and Refreshing Watermelon Yogurt ($5.30).

These drinks are part of their 10 fan favourites, which you can find out about at the store itself.

The Yanmi Purple Rice Yogurt has a sweet, sour and chewy combination. The drink has a substantial bite to it which makes it enjoyable while every bite has a sour aftertaste.

We think that it could even substitute for a meal as it left us feeling full.

The next drink we tried was the Chewy Oats Yogurt. This is exactly what you would expect from an Oats Yogurt combination. It is smooth, creamy and has small oat bits in it that would satisfy the needs of oat lovers.

Yanmi Yogurt’s Man-mango Yogurt is slightly different from the other drinks because of how refreshing it is. We shook the drink before sipping the Yogurt drink, and it balanced out the sweet and sour notes well for us. The Mango flavour was distinct, and we would say that it is worth a try.

The last drink would be the Refreshing Watermelon Yogurt. This drink would be a hit among berry lovers as though it is a watermelon flavoured drink, and there was an interesting berry taste.

Would we visit this aesthetically pleasing cafe again?

Yes but only to purchase the Yanmi Purple Rice Yogurt and Man-mango Yogurt as the flavours complement each other well and the texture is more than decent.

The price points of Yanmi Yogurt products make their drinks worth a try as well.

Visit the new outlet at Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd, #B1-44, Singapore 238877 to try out the drinks for yourself today.



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