Run Run Sushi: Salmon sashimi ‘noodles’ are your mukbang dreams come true

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Run Run Sushi: Salmon sashimi ‘noodles’ are your mukbang dreams come true
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Have you ever had…sashimi noodles? Its a new dish being offered by a Japanese sushi joint. And you thought there’s nothing better than eating sashimi. Now there’s sashimi noodles.

Run Run Sushi – a small japanese eatery located in Orchard ION – has just released a pretty novel way of eating raw salmon. Slicing it up into thin strands and dunking it into their special soy sauce and eating it like “noodles”.


According to their Facebook posts, you can eat the salmon noodles on its own or dunked in their special sweet and savoury soy sauce. You can add a bit of wasabi for a bit of a kick. The longer you leave it in their special sauce, the “juicier” it gets apparently.

It doesn’t come cheap though. Their Beginner set costs $34.50 and is recommended as a side for two pax. Their Intermediate set is good for three to four people and costs $52 and their Expert set, $69, is ideal for for five to six pax as a side or for an individual full lunch/dinner.?

Unfortunately, the dish is only available online and there are limited portions daily. Expect it to be sold out pretty frequently judging by the amount of interest it’s generating. Fastest fingers first…



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