Cho Kee Noodle: Still a great choice for wanton mee in Old Airport Road Food Centre!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Cho Kee Noodle: Still a great choice for wanton mee in Old Airport Road Food Centre!
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Originally a pushcart stall along Old Airport Road, the business was started by the Cho family’s first generation matriarch and its wanton noodles is seen as a competitor to Hua Kee Famous Wan Ton Mee which is located just two stalls away.

Now run by the third generation, the stall moved into Old Airpot Road Food Centre in 1973 and unlike Hua Kee which focuses only on making the ultimate egg noodle wanton noodles, Cho Kee offers five other varieties of noodles — spinach, tomato, seaweed, multigrain and vegetable — all of which are made in their central kitchen. The noodles are free from additives and are low in sodium.

Also made in the central kitchen is the char Siu and the dumplings.

While they offer a wide variety of noodle dishes where you can add fried wantons, mushroom or chicken feet, their standard wanton noodles ($3.50/4.50) is still the dish that gets ordered the most and rightly so as the quality of the noodles and saucing is very good.

Noodles are nice springy, has bite and still has a bit of that eggy fullness in the taste.

A chilli-based dressing is standard — like most of the wanton noodle stalls in the Joo Chiat area — and the taste is a predominant subtly sweet chilli sambal flavour with generous oil richness and less of a soy savouriness.

The char siu is unfortunately not a feature — like most wanton noodle stalls in the area, the meat can be rather dry.
The dumplings are small but nicely made with tasty minced meat fillings.

While Hua Kee has admittedly the overall edge here — and the crowd knows it, there is more business at Hua Kee — it would be a top wanton noodle stall in any other location.



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