169 Hainanese Chicken Rice: Long queues for this stall in Chinatown Complex!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
169 Hainanese Chicken Rice: Long queues for this stall in Chinatown Complex!
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“169 Hainanese Chicken Rice” might be unfamiliar to many but regulars who frequent Chinatown Complex might remember its former name — “Super Mummy Hainanese Chicken Rice”.

The name change from “Super Mummy” to “169” happened sometime during early 2019 before the hawker centre’s major three-month renovation but the people running the stall are still the same.

The queues have not been affected in the slightest.

Among all the chicken rice stalls at Chinatown Complex, this stall gets the longest queues and they start just before their late morning opening and it lasts all throughout lunchtime.

The chicken rice here is excellently made and very reasonably priced.

They only sell white chicken, so don’t come here with roasted (fried) chicken in mind, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The white chicken is very well poached with soft meat textures and a soft and gelatinous skin.

You can also tell that they cool the chickens down in ice water after poaching them as the chicken fat in-between the meat and skin is jellied and the meat comes slightly chilled.

It’s drenched in quite a flavourful light soy sauce that has nice sesame oil notes.

The rice is also nicely executed with a toothy, springy texture and a slight savoury and chicken oil flavour.

The chilli sauce is the other highlight which people rave about as it comes potently spicy and with a slight sour tinge.

The dark soy sauce is no slouch either as it comes nice and thick.

There isn’t any ginger sauce to be had but with such a great chilli sauce, you won’t miss it.

The soup also has a nice rounded flavour and it’s not too salty either.

The unfortunate downside are the chicken rice sides like the liver and gizzard which come a little hard and could do with a little less blanching.

For lovers of dark meat near the bone, they have a convenient option which gives you the chicken thigh and drumstick for $7.

It’s a sizeable portion that can feed two small appetites or one big eater comfortably.



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