Marigold HL Milk: 3 easy ways to enjoy milk as more than a drink

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Marigold HL Milk: 3 easy ways to enjoy milk as more than a drink
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Find out the goodness that goes into your MARIGOLD HL Milk. This article is brought to you by MARIGOLD HL Milk.

While most people are concerned with taking care of their families’ health and wellbeing, many of them overlook the importance of working milk into their families’ diets as a nutritious health supplement.

Ageing is a natural process we cannot escape, try as we might, and with it come the problems of decreased bone density and reduced muscle mass and strength. It occurs even among the younger set and these problems may affect simple daily activities we take for granted now.

Drinking milk regularly, however, may significantly delay the onset of these problems and relieve the symptoms. And what better time to have it than at breakfast to start the day.

Choose Singapore’s #1 selling low-fat milk, MARIGOLD HL Milk, which is 99-per-cent fat-free, and 74 per cent lower in fat content than regular milk.

In addition, MARIGOLD HL Milk has a unique BonePlus formula consisting of vitamins K & D to specially help calcium absorption and improve bone strength, delivering the full benefits of calcium to our bodies to jumpstart our day, without the unwanted extra calories and saturated fats.

Hence, it is no surprise that MARIGOLD HL Milk’s winning balanced formula has been recognised by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board and awarded The Healthier Choice.

We have put together three ways for you to enjoy your milk in the morning apart from drinking it plain from your mug.


1. Overnight Oats – Make breakfast at night

If mornings are a rush for you, prepare overnight oats ahead as a simple, time-saving yet yummy solution. It is so easy to make the night before, put it in the fridge, and it will be ready for consumption when you wake up the next morning.

Simply mix rolled oats with MARIGOLD HL Milk, and add a sweetener of your choice, such as honey. This forms the base for any kind of overnight oats you wish to make. For variety, add fresh fruits and cinnamon for extra nutrition and flavour. You may also switch around with the wide range of flavours MARIGOLD HL Milk offers in making the oat base. The original MARIGOLD HL Milk will go perfectly with some fresh strawberries atop the oats, while oats soaked in the chocolate MARIGOLD HL Milk would be a winner when paired with some banana slices. Experiment and find out what combinations work best with each flavour of MARIGOLD HL Milk.


2. Milk and cookies: A childhood favourite for all ages

Milk and cookies are a match made in comfort-food heaven. For days when you are feeling up for a little sweet start to the day, dip some cookies into a glass of MARIGOLD HL Milk, and you will still get the vitamins and minerals that you need from the milk.

Dip flavoured cookies like chocolate chipped ones into the original MARIGOLD HL Milk, or dunk plain butter cookies into a cold glass of chocolate, strawberry, or banana flavoured ones. It is also a great way to get the children in your family to start drinking milk at an early age.

MARIGOLD HL Milk is also low in lactose, so even the lactose-intolerant may give it a try.


3. Smoothie: One for active family members

MARIGOLD HL Milk is perfect for those who like to work out in the morning. It is recommended for adults with an active lifestyle since it is high in protein, which helps to repair body tissues. But it is especially important for the little ones running about, full of energy, and whose bodies are growing each day.

Blend any flavour of MARIGOLD HL Milk with fruits and/or nuts of your choice, some water, and you’ll have a healthy and scrumptious smoothie. Have it alone for breakfast, or as a meal accompaniment after an intense workout in the morning or the night before.

The chocolate MARIGOLD HL Milk gets a special shoutout from us here because it is particularly good for your active body. It is a top choice among athletes as a post-workout drink to help muscle recovery and achieve better performance. While sports drinks and water do an adequate job in replacing your ion and fluid loss, chocolate milk does that and more. It also boosts aerobic fitness, muscle gain, and fat loss in the long run. Chocolate MARIGOLD HL Milk has a low fat content, making all your tough efforts to stay fit worthwhile.

As a bonus, chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants that help to fight off those nasty free radicals. It enhances the effects of endorphins gained from your workout to further invigorate your mood, and reduce stress levels. So reward yourself with a smoothie using chocolate MARIGOLD HL Milk after your workout, because you deserve it.


Bonus: Plant sterols are now in!

Besides tasting good, the latest range of MARIGOLD HL Milk offers a selection enriched with plant sterols that are proven to lower blood cholesterol. This is a wonderful addition to the list of benefits packed into MARIGOLD HL Milk. Who says a healthy diet and health supplements have to be boring and monotonous in taste?

It is no wonder MARIGOLD HL Milk is a favourite in Singapore with its unique formula. Pick up all four delicious flavours that are low in fat for maximum calcium absorption, and fortified with extra vitamins, plant sterols and proteins for a healthier you with every drink.



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