Marigold Peel Fresh Select: Yuzu Juice, not your ordinary fruit juice

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Marigold Peel Fresh Select: Yuzu Juice, not your ordinary fruit juice
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Consumers are looking for beverages that not only quench thirst, but also reflect their finer tastes in food with health benefits – give us yummy drinks with our vitamins and minerals.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit cultivated mainly in Japan. In Japan, Yuzu is harvested in winter season. Outside of Japan, Yuzu is a rare fruit and hence its high price.

There are many ways to enjoy the yuzu, one of which is to serve it straight from the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH SELECT carton. The yuzu juice drink is uplifting with a distinctive aroma, a blend of floral citrus scent and tangy taste. We’re impressed with the unique zest and aroma. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH SELECT Yuzu Juice is made from pure squeezed juice imported from Japan. It is no wonder that the aroma and taste is out-of-this-world

Besides the unique, uplifting zest, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH SELECT Yuzu juice is high in Vitamins A, C and E. Just one glass of 250ml gives a person their daily requirement of Vitamin C.

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is a homegrown brand that has been around for 28 years and it is reigning as Singapore’s number one chilled juice drink. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH SELECT continues to offer consumers great tasting and healthy juices.

You can smell the fragrant yuzu from the moment you remove the seal. A multi-dimensional sweet-sour taste blossoms in your mouth. The rare, fresh taste of yuzu can only be found in MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH SELECT definitely lives up to its promise that “Any Fresher, You’ll Have to Peel it Yourself”.

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH SELECT Yuzu Juice is available at leading supermarkets, selected convenience stores and minimarts in 250ml ($1.30) and 1 litre ($3.25) cartons.



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