Burger Joint Singapore: Hot New Restaurant

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Burger Joint Singapore: Hot New Restaurant
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Burgers, who doesn’t love them but at what price?

In a city where a simple burger can cost upwards of $20 (with no sides), we’re overjoyed to have Burger Joint Singapore pop up on the scene.

Opening at Gemmill Lane on 3 May 2016, the menu is simple: classic American burgers with all the works at affordable prices (from $13.80). Originally from New York, the restaurant’s first outlet is hidden behind curtains at the lobby of the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York. Owner Steven Pipes had wanted to create the simple, back-to-basics burger he had craved for after trying more than 20 different burgers. Collaborating with the executive chef of Le Parker Meridien, he started serving what’s dubbed “the best burger in New York”.

Clearly the concept has worked. There are other outlets in South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Brazil, with Singapore as the first Southeast Asia outlet.


Walk along the back alley on Gemmill Lane and you will find the iconic bright neon burger sign. The entrance to the restaurant is to the left while the exit is on the right. Step in and you will see the red velvet curtains with another burger sign to the right. When you reach the end, you will be greeted by an all American setting with vintage posters plastered all over the rustic wooden walls, wooden tables and casual seating with diners encouraged to write and draw on the walls.


The menu is kept simple with only four types of burgers (Hamburger, Cheese Burger, Bacon Burger and Bacon Cheeseburger) on offer in single (from $13.10) or double patty (from $23.50). To keep things authentic, the beef is flown in from Nebraska and freshly butchered (not frozen) and grinded everyday before they are grilled over unique cookers imported from the States. A chef from the main outlet has also flown in for the opening to train the Singapore staff and ensure quality is consistent and that the food is up to standard.


We tried the single patty Cheese Burger ($13.80) with all the works (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles with ketchup, mayo and mustard sauce) and it’s what you would expect out of a classic all American burger. Covered in melted Colby cheese from Wisconsin, the juicy patty is sandwiched between nicely soft buns with freshly cut vegetables and crunchy Kosher pickles. It’s as unpretentious as it gets and in this case, less is more.


Whether you’re dining in or taking out, every food order is served in a paper bag with a side of fries ($5.50) available as a separate order. In the coming weeks, the burgers can be paired with a selection of up to 18 beers on tap (ranging from Omnipollo, Weird Beard, Victory and Hitachino) or a sweet Boozy Milkshake ($15.80 or $11.80 without alcohol). Serious burger fanatics won’t be disappointed.



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