Toast Hut: Cheap and good local breakfast!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Toast Hut: Cheap and good local breakfast!
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Local coffee, kaya toast and soft boiled eggs for half the price of what the competition sells it for — this is what Toast Hut is all about.

Started in 2007 by a young hawkerpreneur Melvin Soh, the now 35-year-old worked in various coffee chains before getting interested in traditional coffee and toast.

He set up shop at Old Airport Road Food Centre and the local breakfast sets from Toast Hut are comparable to those dished out by the bigger kaya toast/coffee chains with some noticeable differences here and there.

Soh uses small sized eggs instead of the large, oversized eggs used at Yakun Toast, but that isn’t really a minus point as the majority of local breakfast eateries — even a big chain like Killiney Kopitiam — uses small eggs.


At Toast Hut, they are cooked to the firmer side of soft-boiled, where the yolk is slightly more solid, as opposed to being runny.

The kaya toast at Toast Hut is similar to Yakun’s version, albeit with a slightly thicker toast, which results in a slightly less crisp texture.

The green kaya used is also less sweet, about as sweet as the kaya which Ya Kun uses.


They also do not add large slabs of cold salted butter in their toast. The salted butter is at room temperature when added to the toast, so it is more or less all melted by the time you bite into it.

The coffee is roughly the same as is served by bigger chains. Perhaps a little less robust, but only a little.

In addition to kaya toast, they also sell French toast, sandwiches with tuna, ham & cheese, ham & egg and Giant Bun — a fluffier, eggier bun, toasted and filled with salted butter and kaya.



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