The Noodee Box: Want some abalone noodles in a box?

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
The Noodee Box: Want some abalone noodles in a box?
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Must Tries: Original Dry Ramen, That Green Drink


We always talk about a good bowl of noodles. Now, how about a good BOX of noodles? Take-out noodle or “mien” boxes are actually quite popular in other countries, so why not here?

The Noodee Box, newly opened at Marina Square, offers ramen noodles in cute and convenient American-style take-out boxes, making it easy for diners who want to eat it on-the-go. However, if you prefer to dine in, there are ample seats in the eatery for you to enjoy your food in comfort.

This new noodle concept is started by Vincent Yap, whose father Ah Lam established the famous “Lam’s Abalone Noodle” sold at various coffee shops. You may not know this, but Ah Lam was also the man who introduced mini-wok noodles way back in 1995. It seems like innovation in noodles runs in the family.

Some of the interesting noodles at The Noodlee Box include savoury Japanese char siew ($6.80), hickory smoked duck ($6.80) and abalone seafood grand ($11.80). I had the original dry ramen ($5.00), which was filled with a variety of ingredients such as char siew, minced pork, fishcake and Taiwanese sauce. Instead of the usual “mee kia” (fine noodles), which Ah Lam is famous for, the stall uses Japanese style ramen, which is more springy and keeps longer. Although the best part of the noodle is the seasoning and the sauce, I had difficulty getting to it because the sauces had settled at the bottom of the box. So you don’t actually get to savour most of it until you’ve worked through most of the noodles and ingredients.

If you’re after a healthy thirst quencher to wash down all that savoury goodness, try “That Green Drink” ($3.80). Specially concocted by Ah Lam, the dark green juice is blended from fruit and vegetables and is surprisingly refreshing and delightfully sweet even though no artificial sweetener has been added.

A brand with over 40 years of history, The Noodee Box combines both traditional recipes from the father and new innovations from the son to give diners the best of both worlds. We just wished the noodle sets here were cheaper to cater to a wider base of customers.


The Noodee Box

6 Raffles Boulevard, #04-102C The Gallerie, Marina Square, Tel: +65 6336 0848

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm Daily



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