Taj Mahal: Teh halia – Wonder drink?

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Taj Mahal: Teh halia – Wonder drink?
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There’s nothing quite like a cup of hot teh halia (ginger tea) to wash down all that oil after eating food like nasi lemak and nasi briyani. The tannin in tea acts as an astringent to wash down the flavours and the fat in milk binds to the capsaicin (the substance in chilli that causes that burning sensation) to ease the heat. Sugar triggers the release of substances from the tongue which also eases the burning sensation while ginger helps to relief bloatedness and aids digestion. Wow! Which brilliant fellow came up with this wonder drink?

What attracted me to this particular teh halia stall at Adam Road Food Centre was the perpetual queue of people. The teh halia was amazingly refreshing. Unlike other teh halia I had tasted before, this one was not overly milky and had a good balance of ginger and tea flavours. Perfect for washing down all that oil and spices! So you could have a hearty spicy seafood dinner at another stall and order a teh halia after the meal.


Overall rating: 4/5

Rating – Food: 4; Service: 3; Value: 4



Taj Mahal

Stall #15, Adam Road Food Centre

Opening hours: 24 hours



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