Seoul Kitchen: Authentic, affordable Korean BBQ and fried Chicken

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Seoul Kitchen: Authentic, affordable Korean BBQ and fried Chicken
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Are you jumping onto the Korean Wave bandwagon? You would not want to miss trying out this authentic and affordable Korean barbecue (BBQ) and fried chicken at Seoul Kitchen! Located in the North at Sembawang Road, enjoy their UNLIMITED Korean BBQ/Fried Chicken at only $19.90+ (No GST).

This place also made it on to Nylon’s pick for “top fried chicken buffet in Singapore“. Be sure to look out for their NEW Korean Galbi Fried Chicken, marinated with sweet and savoury sauce on the menu! Free flow chicken here is not the catch, but the fact that Seoul kitchen serves them in three different flavours namely – normal, spicy and sweet soy sauce.

You will also get two sides of your choice from the menu with choices that include either kimchi soup, bean paste soup, or seafood tofu soup, and another side like stir-fried noodles, fried dumplings or spicy rice cake.

Take pride in being the “glutton” of your group and treat yourself here as you enjoy some Korean Bachan (Side Dishes)! They have a large variety including egg rolls, kimchi and more. Besides this, they also have a menu serving traditional a-la-carte Korean dishes like Japchae, Bibimbap and Kimchi Stew if you and your friends are down for a quick lunch/dinner bite.

Try out eight other different cuts of fresh meat like chicken, pork and beef marinated in their unique sauces. Also, to recreate the authentic “Korean Experience”, order their Hite Beer or Soju to go along with the food! This Korean restaurant is probably the only buffet restaurant that allows for a party larger than three people per table, allowing diners to enjoy both the BBQ buffet and the fried chicken buffet amongst other dishes.

Seoul Kitchen takes pride in serving the best kind of authentic Korean food with the lowest price they can offer.

So if you’re craving for satisfying Korean food in a cosy and laid back setting, but don’t want to travel to South Korea, you need not look further than Seoul Kitchen.



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