Pura Brasa Spanish Restaurant: These teddy bears will help you social distance

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Pura Brasa Spanish Restaurant: These teddy bears will help you social distance
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If you pop round Pura Brasa Spanish restaurant, you’ll find cuddly teddy bears instead of masking and duct tape for social distancing.

Located at Guoco Tower and first opened in 2010, the 100-seater restaurant was created by Josper, the internationally recognised brand of charcoal ovens. Its Singapore outlet is its seventh outlet and first-ever overseas outpost.

Over 20 of these large, oversized plush toys now occupy restricted seats and additional seats at round tables where there are more than five chairs to comply with the “not-more-than-five-diners” rule in place for phase two.


Pura Brasa has at the same time taken the opportunity to introduce their three-course set lunch for dine in and takeaway.


Comprising of a starter, main course and dessert, the choices for main courses include:
– the restaurant’s Signature Beef Stew with Steamed Rice, featuring beef brisket cooked with onions, carrots, thyme, rosemary and bay leaf for four hours
– a Josper® Grilled Poussin (half portion), featuring antibiotic and hormone free GG French poulet served with homemade mushroom sauce
Homemade Spanish Traditional Canelon, a stew dish originating from Catalunya.


Diners can also opt to upgrade their main course to more premium dishes like the Josper Grilled Black Angus Sirloin Entrecot, Grilled Sea Bass Fillet Served in Donostiarra Style or the Gourmet Iberico Burger with Jamon for a small fee.



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