PAUL’s new Well-Being menu: A great balance between healthy and delicious

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
PAUL’s new Well-Being menu: A great balance between healthy and delicious
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We have to admit it: when we first got the invite to taste-test French cafe PAUL’s latest Well-Being menu, we were a little worried that the dishes would resemble rabbit food, just lots of vegetables and nothing else. But to our very pleasant surprise, we were proven wrong. Eating well doesn’t mean boring or bland.

Available now at all PAUL outlets, this new all-day menu focuses on food that healthy eats that are delicious at the same time. Menu items range from salads and sandwiches, to entrees and low-fat Greek yoghurt, with prices from $9.90.


We tried three items from the Well-Being menu:


Superaliment, $19.90

A key signature dish from the Well-Being menu, the name of this salad means “superfood” in French. It packs a tasty mix of quinoa, betties, edamame, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, kale and pecans, drizzled with a mustard dressing. The mix of fruits and vegetables makes this a fun salad to eat, you get a burst of flavours from the fruits in each bite, while tasting the freshness of the greens as well.

If you’re not too hungry and want to eat clean, this dish is a good choice. For those who are dining with a friend, this is a good dish to order and share as well.

Keto Chicken Roulade, $24.90

People who like meat but want it served in a healthier fashion will love this dish. The baked chicken spinach roulade is done just right, so the chicken remains tender and juicy. The spinach, which is baked in the roulade, has also absorbed plenty of flavour from the chicken, and adds that extra bonus in each bite. Served with a grain mustard dressing, this dish comes across as surprisingly light, and really satisfying.



Maple Soy Baked Salmon & Soba, $27.90

This beautifully done salmon dish is our favourite. The fillet of salmon goes very well with the maple syrup and soy marinade, which gives it a wonderful balance of sweet and savoury tastes. If you’re someone who likes the sweet-savoury combination of flavours, order this dish – you won’t regret it.



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