New Lucky Claypot Rice: Great Claypot Rice!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
New Lucky Claypot Rice: Great Claypot Rice!
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The signboard clearly states that “off peak hour waiting time: 20-30 mins; peak hour waiting time: 45-90 mins”. But do not be deterred. Be smart and call ahead of time to order. You will be rewarded with a delicious pot of claypot rice ($10 for a small pot good for two) cooked over charcoal.

Mix in dark soy sauce and the fragrant shallot oil for extra flavours. Laid on top of the rice were chicken pieces, Chinese sausage, small pieces of salted fish and shredded salted vegetable. The chicken pieces were well-marinated and tasted distinctively of sesame oil while the Chinese sausage provided a sweet-savoury touch. While some green vegetables like kai lan or chye sim would be nice, the shredded salted vegetables did prove to be an interesting addition. The best part was the rice itself; it was superbly cooked with a good bite and bits of slightly-charred patches that added a smokey flavour.

To nitpick, the chicken pieces could have been more generous and the salted fish could have been cut in smaller pieces to give more of its flavour in each bite.

This stall also sells soups. The lotus root and pork rib soup ($4) was clear and light yet tasty.


Rating: 4/5



New Lucky Claypot Rice

#01-220, Rong Li Eating House, Blk 328 Clementi Avenue 2

Opening Hours: 12pm-1.30pm; 5pm-8.30pm; Closed on Wed

Tel: 6778 7808



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