Fu Zhou Poh Hua Oyster Cake: Rare in Singapore and excellently made!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Fu Zhou Poh Hua Oyster Cake: Rare in Singapore and excellently made!
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Located at Berseh Food Centre, Fu Zhou Poh Hua Oyster Cake is one of three remaining eateries selling the Fuzhou street snack of oyster cake in Singapore.

They have been operating at Sam Leong Road since 1986 but in 2016, they relocated to Berseh Food Centre.

Run by Jenny Ong Poh Hwa and her husband, “Mr. Tan”, the recipe is actually much older because Ong’s grandmother used to sell oyster cakes at the junction of Ophir Road in the 1950s.

Ong used to help her grandmother back then.

A fire burnt down their stall in the 1970s and they ceased operations for about 15 years.

When Ong and her husband resurrected the business, they had difficulty obtaining a good supply of clams so they switched to using oysters instead.


Biting into one ($2) and the overall freshness of the snack is very apparent. Ingredients are nicely cooked through and are very moist and flavourful.

Inside each oyster cake has a bit of minced meat, one small to medium tiger prawn, one oyster (sourced from Korea) and chopped coriander.


The fried batter is nicely executed with a great crispness and a soft, moist interior.

It’s all thanks to a mix of three kinds of flour and whole soybeans blended together.

There are minor criticisms like the fact that the snack comes a little undersalted and the batter has a mild sweetness which not everyone will enjoy.


They only sell one type of oyster cake but it can be had with different toppings like peanuts and dried ikan bilis.

The peanuts provide a nice textural crunch, while the ikan bilis provides a little bit more crispy saltiness, but the effect isn’t very pronounced.

You can order a more upsized version with an additional prawn for 50 cents more.



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