The most addictive potato chips!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
The most addictive potato chips!
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This week, we pay homage to the mighty potato chip. Despite its undesirable tag as “junk food”, everyone seems to love it anyway. And of course, any self-respecting couch potato would have at least a bag or two stashed away in the larder.

Here at, we take our potato chips very seriously. So, we chomped our way through more than 10 different brands to find out which one is most deserving of your precious calories.


Red Rock Deli–Sea Salt

Available at Candy Empire and selected Cold Storage outlets

Price: $4.60 (90g)

Product of: Australia

Rating: 5/5

Our top recommendation hails from Down Under. Each slice was a golden-blond, thick-cut specimen full of wholesome flavour. The chips tasted very fresh, with hardly any trace of oil. They packed a powerful crunch, too.

They also possessed a subtle earthy sweetness brought out by light dusting of sea salt. These Aussie chips seriously rock!


Kettle Brand Potato Chips–Sea Salt

Available at major supermarkets 

Price: $4.50 (142g)

Product of: USA

Rating: 4.5/5

Having tested various brands of kettle-style chips, this emerged as our favourite choice. Compared to regular chips, kettle-cooked chips are thicker and have more bite. They also tend to feel greasier as they’re fried in low-temperature oil.

Despite that, we found Kettle Brand’s potato chips to be the least oily compared to the other brands we tried. They were full of jaw-breaking crunch, as well as a deep earthy flavour. Some of us thought the chips were a tad dense. But we all agreed that the salt level was just right.


Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Cuts–Southern salt with a hint of pepper

Available at Candy Empire

Price: $4.80 (100g)

Product of: Australia

Rating: 4.5/5

Teetotalers, fret not. There is no booze in these chips. There’s just loads of natural potato flavour in these airy but superbly crunchy crisps.

Perked up with a smattering of black pepper, these straight cuts are clearly made for grown-ups. Although there was a hint of artificial seasoning, most of our tasters liked its great texture and seductive flavor.


Marks & Spencer–lightly sea salted potato crisps

Available at Marks & Spencer outlets 

Price: $4.50 (150g)

Product of: Denmark

Rating: 4/5

The thickness of these chips was perfect–thin enough to be light, but thick enough to provide a solid crunch. They tasted fresh, with an appealing deep golden-brown hue. But it was a pity that their natural spud flavour was overwhelmed by an overly generous dosage of salt. Strictly for salt junkies.


Tai Sun Potato Chips–lightly salted

Available at major supermarkets 

Price: $1.25 (80g)

Product of: Malaysia

Rating: 3.5/5

 As we ripped open the bag, a lovely aroma of fried spud wafted from within. They tasted as appetising as they looked. Although very thin, they had sufficient crunch. The low sodium is great for those who prefer less salt. Too bad these easy-to-like chips were marred by mild greasiness.



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