4 best healthy food in One Raffles Place, Singapore

By District Sixtyfive November 21, 2023
4 best healthy food in One Raffles Place, Singapore
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Many has always had a love-hate relationship with healthy food. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay healthy, right? But there is also the problem that healthy food entails, most of them… just don’t taste too good. If you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle or diet, or simply a cleanse after all that Mid Autumn Festival, here are some healthy, yet delicious restaurants located at the heart of Singapore, One Raffles Place.

1. Haakon

Healthy food One Raffles Place
Photo: Haakon

Haakon’s extensive menu, which also has gluten-free and vegan options, caters to everyone’s diet. Haakon serves nutritious and energising food bowls that taste just as good as the calories-packed ones. Some of the crowd favourites include the Mentaiko Fish and Quinoa Bowl (S$14.9) and Eggs Benedict (S$15.9). Its zoodles (zucchini noodles)are quite popular, but if you’re looking for something with even lower calories, opt for the zero-calorie shirataki noodles.

Haakon also serves fresh acai bowls and 100% fresh cold-pressed juice and smoothies.

Location: One Raffles Place, 01-11/12
Opening hours: Monday to Friday (9am to 7.30pm), Saturday (11am to 3.15pm)

2. Salmon Samurai

Healthy food One Raffles Place
Photo: District Sixtyfive

For affordable salmon bowls at Raffles Place, check out Salmon Samurai, a salmon-speciality store with wallet-friendly bowls that start from S$9.90. Spice lovers can try the Spicy Salmon and Chilled Citrus Ramen (S$10.9), which boasts a spicy mayo dressing with togarashi powder. But, if you’re not a fan of raw salmon, go for its Salmon Mentaiko (S$10.9), a delightfully creamy dish that’s packed with umami flavours.

Location: Ocean Financial Centre, B1-08, 10 Collyer Quay
Opening hours: Monday to Friday (11am to 8pm)

3. Green Dot SG

Healthy food One Raffles Place
Photo: Green Dot

Who says that a vegetarian can’t enjoy the pleasures of “meat”? With both traditional and modern vegetarian meal choices, you’ll be spoiled for choice with its extensive menu.

Location: One Raffles Place, 03-23/24/25
Opening hours: Monday to Friday (11am to 7.30pm), Saturday (11am to 2.30pm)

4. Boost Juice Bar

Healthy food One Raffles Place
Photo: Boost

For a refreshing, energising and most importantly, healthy treat, head down to Boost Juice Bar. Using only premium ingredients, Boost sells a refreshing blend of low fat frozen yogurt, fresh fruits and fibre rich greens. The Calorie Counter and Fresh Juice Bar series are for those who are watching their calorie intake, while those who are on their cheat day can head over to the Indulgence series for decadent Cookies & Cream and Chocolate smoothies.

Location: One Raffles Place, B1-40
Opening hours: NA

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