Fried chicken wings stuffed with fish meat recipe

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Fried chicken wings stuffed with fish meat recipe
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A different take on the local shrimp paste fried chicken wings; here the bones of the chicken wings are removed carefully. Fish meat is stuffed into the cavity and the wings are coated in a thick batter and deep fried until crispy. It is also not messy to eat as there are no more bones to spit out.


Serves 4



8 large chicken wings

6 tablespoons of fish cake paste

Pinch of salt and pepper

6 heaped tablespoons corn flour

2 heaped tablespoons plain flour

6 tablespoons water

Canola oil, for deep frying

2 lime wedges, to squeeze




1. With a sharp paring knife, make a slit along the underside of the wing, exposing the bone.

2. Scrape the bones with the knife until it is completely exposed. Twist and separate the bone out from the wing tip. Discard.

3. Repeat on the other bone.

4. Season the wings with some salt and pepper, concentrating on the cavity of the wings.

5. With a teaspoon, carefully stuff the cavity of the wings with the fish paste until it is full. Repeat until all the wings are done.

6. Mix the cornflour, plain flour and water until you get a thick paste (it should not be too runny). Add a pinch of salt to season the flour.

7. Heat the oil for deep-frying.

8. Dip the chicken wings in the batter and deep-fry until it starts to brown.

9. Remove and drain on paper towels before serving with a wedge of lime to squeeze.



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