The Heineken Star Serve Ritual

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
The Heineken Star Serve Ritual
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Did you know that there is a ritual behind every Heineken draught beer that enhances its taste and not just its appearance?

A well-known premium brew since 1864, the Heineken Star Serve is a global quality programme that ensures every glass of Heineken draught beer is a Perfect Pour served at its absolute best.

Seemingly simple, the Heineken Star Serve ritual is an exercise of precision to ensure that every glass of premium full-bodied beer can be enjoyed till the very last drop! Everything from rinsing, pouring, skimming, checking and serving details specific pouring angle, glassware cleanliness, foam skimming technique and serving standard is carefully detailed; such as ensuring the foam sits nice and firm on the shoulders of the red Heineken star on the glass.

Before you order your next glass of Heineken draught beer, here’s a quick guide to recognising the perfect pour!


A Thick Foam Head:

A two-finger foam head that sits nice and firm on the shoulder of the red Heineken star on the glass seals in its freshness and flavour.


Brewed to Perfection:

The full-bodied taste of Heineken beer takes twice as long to brew than regular beers, so you never have to settle for less.


Bubbly Goodness:

Bubbles promise a long lasting foam head for sustained freshness and flavour.


Smooth as Ice:

Chilled between between 2°C and 4°C for a refreshing and smooth taste.


Heineken Glassware:

Always clean and chilled for the perfect serve!

If you think you’ve spotted a perfect pint of Heineken, take a photo of it and include a short caption on why you think it’s the perfect beer. Post it on your Instagram account and hashtag #heinekensg and #starservesg from July to August 2014 and you might just win a luxurious hotel staycation at a five-star hotel in Singapore.



Find out more about the Heineken Star Serve Programme on their site.

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