Annyeong Habibi: An epic mash-up of Middle Eastern and Korean cuisines

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Annyeong Habibi: An epic mash-up of Middle Eastern and Korean cuisines
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“Hello Friend” — that’s exactly what ‘Annyeong Habibi’ means. (Annyeong, a Korean word; Habibi, an Arabic word)

However, it also refers to a huge Middle Eastern and Korean fusion food collaboration that’s coming up this end August!

Available only on two Sundays (August 27 and September 3), uncontemporary brewery Joo Bar and modern Middle Eastern restaurant Artichoke will be joining forces to host a feast of fusion flavours.

So expect nothing less than fun creations with punchy tastes, loud music, and ever-flowing booze!


Start off by embracing the K-wave with the Hallyu Fries, crisp potato strips with Joo’s signature blend of Kimchi seasoning, mixed with fried halloumi nuggets and dirty tomato salad ($8).

Fans of Artichoke would be pleased to note that their signture slow cooked lamb will not be missed out — watch out for the Lambbokki, pulled lamb shoulder and fried tteokbokki covered in gochujang gravy ($18).

Finish off the meal with the Yucha Makgeolli Neh Neh Pop, a creamsicle made from Joo’s very own fermented rice wine with a yuzu swirl, which is then double coated in a white chocolate sumac dip ($8).



Annyeong Habibi Event Details

Venue: Artichoke | 161 Middle Road Singapore 188978
Date: 27th August 2017, Sunday
Time: 5pm – Sell Out, free seating

Venue: Joo Bar | 5 Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore 188094
Date: 3rd September 2017, Sunday
Time: 11am – 4pm, free seating



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