7 Yuzu recipes by Chef Janice Wong

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
7 Yuzu recipes by Chef Janice Wong

Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Japan. Grown primarily in the Kochi prefecture, the green fruit ripens to a bright yellow hue during harvest season in November and December (the green ones are harvested in July and August). Whichever its colour, don’t let its thick rugged skin put you off; this heady fruit is the multi-purpose super fruit – along with using the usual parts (the flesh, rind and juice), you can also use the seeds to make yuzu-infused cosmetics and cooking oil.

Yuzu juice has a slightly bitter note – use it to add a comfortable zing to your salads, seafood or to flavour your chocolates. It is a good substitute for lemons. Chef Janice Wong, owner and head chef of 2am:dessertbar and 2am:lab, gives us seven (mostly easy) yuzu recipes to bring flavour and aroma to our kitchens.



We have five physical copies of chef Janice Wong’s Kochi Yuzu recipe book to give away – scroll to the end and fill in your particulars after the jump – winners will be randomly selected. If paper is not your kind of thing, you can also download the pdf of the Kochi Yuzu recipe book here.


Yuzu martini
This one’s shaken, not stirred, with only three ingredients

Sparkling yuzu-infused gin with cucumber
A quick, refreshing cocktail made with five ingredients



Onsen egg with yuzu
Poached eggs with a drizzle of yuzu mayonnaise – a recipe inspired by an onsen experience in Japan


Grilled octopus with yuzu ketchup
Homemade citrus tomato sauce give the tentacles a bright, tart flavour

Yuzu parfait and sorbet
This two-part recipe incorporates a creamy yuzu-infused parfait and the sharp yuzu-infused sorbet


Yuzu cheesecake
The chef of 2am:dessertbar’s recipe for cheesecake, infused with the refreshing flavour of yuzu


Yuzu with white chocolate ganache
Make your own citrus-flavoured chocolate ganache for truffles and cupcakes, among others

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