Dian Xiao Er reveals its new and upgraded menu

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Dian Xiao Er reveals its new and upgraded menu
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Dian Xiao Er, the Chinese casual dining restaurant, is bringing you a galore of new delectables.

From Prawns with Chinese Celery Sauce ($19.90) to bestsellers like the Black Vinegar Pork

Trotters ($17.90), Dian Xiao Er has something for all taste buds.

The restaurant prides itself for putting a homely spin on its traditional Chinese delights so you can expect to have a family-friendly meal there.

To start your dine-in experience, order their Crispy Duck Wings in Salt & Pepper ($6.90) which features fried duck wings which are crispy yet juicy, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Are you looking for something a little spicier? Go for their Crispy Otah Charcoal Dough Fritters ($6.90) which wraps together tasty Otah and charcoal dough fritters.

If you are there with your loved ones, celebrate each other by ordering something comforting like their Stewed Pork Ribs with Yam & Shiitake Mushrooms ($18.90).

This comforting stew of fork-tender pork ribs accompanied with yam and juicy Shiitake mushrooms is part of their extensive main menu.

Some of their other main dishes include a seafood lovers choice- Prawns with Chinese Celery Sauce ($19.90).

This dish contains tender and succulent prawns dressed in a refreshing Chinese celery sauce.

If you are a fan of Nanyang-style cuisine, the Prawns in Chilli Sauce ($19.90) would be ideal.

It features scrumptious prawns sitting on a generous serving of chilli gravy.

Want a delicious side to pair with your mains?

The Roasted Char Siew (10 pcs: $9.90, 20 pcs: $17.90) could be your pick. It is caramelised, juicy, tender and done to perfection for you.

For those who desire a nourishing option, Dian Xiao Er’s Black Vinegar Pork Trotters ($17.90) and Ten Wonder Shredded Duck Porridge ($9.90) will be perfect.

The restaurant also has delivery options.

We know all these new menu items sound perfect for those who are hungry, and the good news is that Dian Xiao Er has 13 outlets islandwide for you to visit.

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