Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff: Crispy, flaky and moist!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff: Crispy, flaky and moist!

Started by an ex-chef at Pan Pacific’s Hai Tien Lo, Chang Lee Wong, now 57, set up Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff in 2003 to make a unique style of curry puff.

The concept is simple: combining the Teochew-style of flaky pastry — similar to what you would see in Teochew pastries like tau sar piah and Teochew mooncakes — with a potato curry filling.

Soft dough is folded numerous times such that the resultant raw pastry has more than 10 layers. Instead of being baked like how many Teochew pastries are, it is deep-fried like a typical curry puff.

The result is a wavy, layered-looking puff that is wonderfully flaky, crumbly, oil-rich and delicate when you bite into it.

Have a plate ready though as the flakes are incredibly delicate and fall all over the place.

The filling is gravy-like and is full of meltingly soft potato cubes. In the middle, a large chunk of soft, moist chicken meat.

The overall flavour has a nice mix of spiciness, is prominently savoury, though the curry spices are not so in your face.


Be warned that each puff is very oil-rich, significantly richer than a normal curry puff. One puff is usually enough to fill you up.

The pastry is also not salted so you’re tasting the filling and experiencing the texture of the pastry but none of its taste. Some people say this is why the puff lacks a little oomph.

They have three other flavours — sardines, black pepper chicken and yam. Many say that Chang’s black pepper chicken is the original but for us, the sardine puff stands out the most as it has a nice moist filling and enough fish savouriness.

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