We tried Starbucks’ new members-only drinks, and here’s our verdict

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
We tried Starbucks’ new members-only drinks, and here’s our verdict

Starbucks is no stranger to limited-edition beverages, but its two latest outings are a little different: only Starbucks Rewards Members are able to purchase them.

Called, rather uncreatively, The Pink Drink and The Yellow Drink, these two thirst-quenchers were introduced on Monday (13 January) to celebrate the coffee chain reaching one million Starbucks rewards members this month. Both drinks are available for one week only, from 13 – 19 January, and only come in the Grande size, priced at $6.80 a pop.

HungryGoWhere tried both The Pink Drink and The Yellow Drink on launch day.

Read on for our review:


The Pink Drink, $6.80

Having seen the photos of this pretty-in-pink drink illustrated on the menu, we had high expectations as it looked so refreshing and vibrant. However, we were more than a tad disappointed when we collected it from the counter. The actual thing appeared to have a more lavender hue than the powder pink colour seen in official photos.

Taste-wise, The Pink Drink came across as very sugary, and each sip was accompanied with strong floral aromas. “It’s like drinking a liquid air freshener,” one of our tasters said.

Verdict: Buy this only if you want an Insta-worthy drink.



The Yellow Drink

In the looks department, The Yellow Drink doesn’t appear too different from your average cup of orange juice. So while the beverage looked exactly like what was advertised in the menu, it certainly didn’t wow anyone when it comes to Insta-worthiness.

It may be the Plain Jane when compared to its pink counterpart, but The Yellow Drink certainly won our hearts (and tastebuds) in the taste test. Tangy and refreshing, The Yellow Drink is a mix of mango and passionfruit flavours. Even though we did find it a tad too sweet, the fruity flavours made for a pretty decent thirst-quencher.


Verdict: Looks really normal, tastes pretty good.


For HungryGoWhere, we are definitely Team Yellow. Have you found which team you belong?

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