Chef Wan is back with his best recipes

By HungryGoWhere May 9, 2022

 The flamboyant Chef Wan is back with a new show. Aptly titled Best Wan, the 10-part series in the Asian Food Channel features Chef Wan’s best recipes from his 25-year cooking career.

Speaking to us on the phone from Malaysia, Chef Wan said he wanted to showcase traditional recipes that the different ethnic groups in Malaysia have to offer—from Indian chicken korma to Peranakan laksa and Malay mee rebus.

You may notice a calmer, more subdued Chef Wan in the series. He said with a laugh that he had to try very hard to speak slowly. “My directors told me the show will be seen all over the world and that if I spoke in my usual way no one would understand me. They also told me not to share my grandmother stories. But I think people love me for who I am. It was only towards the end of the series that you see more of my personality coming through.”

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