Taste test: Burger King’s BK Charcoal Black

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Taste test: Burger King’s BK Charcoal Black
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Burger King has brought back their limited-edition offering. The BK Charcoal Black, a selection of two burgers launched in the chain’s Singapore outlets on Thursday 16 April. They are available while stocks last.

We went to try them and here is our verdict:

Jumping onto the specialty breads bandwagon, Burger King uses fresh, locally-sourced sesame-studded buns infused with powdered bamboo charcoal for this item. The burgers come with either the flame-grilled Whopper beef patty, or the golden-fried Chicken TenderCrisp (both at $6.35).

Burger King once released a charcoal-bun burger in Japan in November 2013, but the recipe of these two new offerings in Singapore are exclusive to this island of ours.


What we ate: BK Charcoal Black Flame Grilled Beef and TenderCrisp Chicken meals ($8.35 each, with the burger, medium fries and a small Sprite)

The bun: The charcoal-grey-coloured bun is soft and fluffy, with no distinctive flavour. The bread is mildly sweet, with a hint of sesame from the seeds on top. The draw here is the unusual colour. What we liked is the light, fluffy texture, and the fact that these buns are fresh, not frozen.

The patty: Both burgers are slathered with a sweet honey mustard sauce and topped with crisp bacon, Batavia lettuce, sliced tomatoes and cheese. The flame-grilled beef is a tad dry, but it is a Whopper-sized patty (about 30-per-cent bigger than the usual patty) that spills out of the edges. It is a messy but generous burger. The TenderCrisp, on the other hand, is juicy, well-seasoned and fried to a crisp. It is chicken thigh for the patty, which is mildly spicy. 


Value for money: Not the cheapest set meal or burger out there, although the generously portioned burgers and the premium ingredients make this good value in our books. Go for it, we say.


Also try: The BK nuggets (five pieces for $1.95) which are new on the menu. They replace the chicken tenders as a quick, affordable snack on-the-go. We like the thin, crisp coating of these bite-sized snacks which are efficiently packed in a compact box.

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